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Greetings from Ivana and Ana, founders of Royal Pancake

We are childhood friends , working and living in Copenhagen, and this is our story. Growing up in the same neighbourhood we would often have weekend sleepover at Ivana’s house, where she was always making pancakes, using her grandma’s old recipe for the most delicious pancakes. She served and decorate her pancakes with a lots of different toppings and fruits. We would play our favourite music and light on a candles to create perfect atmosphere and scent, and we were ready to spend hours and hours drinking coffee, eating pancakes and daydreaming about the life.

Over the years, we have kept the tradition of making pancakes at home and that became a way to celebrate our long last friendship and life.

Back in 2018, when life became busy, we thought we couldn’t be alone in needing a place where we can have pancakes and coffee, so we decided to open a place for our friends and family, and everyone who need somewhere to relax, and enjoy delicious food that comes fast and fresh, and spend some quality time with their loved ones. With that in mind, we resolved to use Ivana’s love and desire of food and decoration and Ana’s passion of making people happy trough extraordinaire and unforgettable service, coupled with a trained stuff that would keep our guests fed, watered, smiled and happy.